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This course is available to anyone wanting to improve their life and to learn about the chakras. The course consists of learning the history of the chakras, the functions of the chakras, the flow of energy and blockages, healing the imbalances, the seven rights and the developmental aspects of the chakras. This course is very powerful as we do chakra assessment on ourselves which leads to our own healing of any imbalances or blockages.

This course consists of eight modules from introduction to all of the seven chakras covering all aspects of each chakra in full detail. The course is split into 8 weeks whereby we cover each module per week within a two hour period. This course is very intense and a lot of work is involved with clearing and healing of your own chakras including journal work. Once completed, you will be able to help others with the healing of their chakras, very helpful tool for Reiki practitioners.  The course includes all manuals and you will be awarded a certificate at the end of the course.

Your investment for this course is £120.00 with a £30.00 deposit and balance paid on the day of the course.  This course is also available as an online course which will be over an 8 month period at a cost of £15.00 per month payable via subscription with Paypal.